Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Wishes for a New Year

To all my friends and collectors....Happy New Year! Stay safe, be well, live long and prosper.

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Arc of Orchids"
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Today was a better day sold some work and someone actually showed up to work on my studio! Hooray!! So, being in a brighter mood, I painted something to reflect my mood. It's been awhile since I painted Orchids. These colors are always a bit touchy to do. I want them bright, but not glaring. Hope I accomplished this. Enjoy! To see how this painting was done, click here.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Mixed Bunch"
SOLD - 12/29/08

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary and my husband and I spent the day in Victoria, B.C. It was a sunny 45 degrees and it felt really good to get out in the weather as it's been so cold and snowy here the past two weeks. But I only got back late today and so I didn't get into the studio until almost 3:00 PM. A late start for me.

I'm always so dismayed by how easy it is to fall out of practice. If I paint flowers every day, then I seem to have little difficulty in rendering them. But if I skip a week and paint a different subject, I find that I have to struggle to get them right. I need to spend some time during the week just practicing my brush strokes on roses. These proved to be a challenge for me today.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Figure Painting of Reclining Nude, 20" x 30" Oil on Hard Panel

"Repose"Email me to inquire about this painting.

You probably think you've seen this one before. And you have - sort of. This is a large painting of the earlier small format figure study I did. I painted it in glazes and started with a full monochromatic under painting to make sure that the skin tones will glow more as the painting ages. I wish there were some way to really show this piece off. Photos just do not do it justice. As you turn the light up or down on a dimmer, the painting takes on a brighter luminescence that emanates from within the piece. There are some corrections that I can see still need to be made, but overall, I'm happy with it. Funny how things become apparent when you take a picture. No matter how much I look over my shoulder with a mirror, putting paintings on camera always reveals new things to my eye. I won't bore you with the changes by posting the painting again. But you can always check back to my website at in a few weeks to see if you can notice any subtle differences.

I'm not sure if I'll get the time to publish over the holiday, but just in case I don't, let me take this opportunity to wish all of my collectors and friends out there a very happy Chaunukah and a very merry Christmas. Above all I wish you health and prosperity in the coming new year. I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a heart felt "thank you" to my collectors and customers who have purchased from me over the past year. Your purchases are always a compliment and so very much appreciated.

I hope to be able to provide you all with lovely new and exciting pieces as the new year progresses.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Figure Painting Reclining Nude on Red Blanket, 5" x 7", Oil on Panel

"Nap on a Red Wool Blanket"
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Looks like it's going to be a white Christmas. We've had a bunch of snow up here. Not quite as much as Seattle, but still more than we're used to. Doesn't look like my studio is going to get much work done on it and I can't say I blame the construction guys. I wouldn't want to work out there either.

We braved the elements to go to the Dentist today so he could declare my tooth "not healed". Sigh. Back to the antibiotics. a result of that mid-day foray, I had less time in the studio. I painted this little piece and threw in the red blanket to keep her warm.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Painting of Venice Canal, 5" x 7" Oil on Board

"Lost in the Rialto"
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My husband and I spent a month cruising Europe. I returned with a memory chip full of shots, but my favorites were the ones I took in Venice. It snowed another three inches last night so I thought I'd try to capture a bit of the last days of summer in the studio. This is my first attempt at a canal scene of Venice. I started with a small one. I think I'll wait a bit to try a bigger one.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Floral Oil Panting, 8" x 10" Oil on Panel

"Floral Study in Red"

I'm still suffering from a tooth ache today. But I managed to tackle this little floral. Hope my pain didn't show in the work.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nude Figure Painting, Oil on Panel 5" x 7"

"Figure Study VI"
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I had an old root canal redone on Monday. Today the thing got infected and my face swelled up like a football! Between the pain and the drugs, I didn't have the presence of mind to paint a large piece so I worked on this one. I like it but I'm still under the influence so who knows how I'll feel about it tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nude Figure Painting, Oil on Panel, 5" x 7"

"Figure Study V"

This is the fifth in a series of small format figure studies I'm doing. I really like the subtle colors and skin tones in this piece. I meet with my figure drawing group today and hope to complete something there as well. It's a lot harder in the group because I can't always get the spot I want and have to agree with eight or so other artists about the pose. I sure wish my studio were done so that I could have the models coming here more often. Things are just in too much disarray right now with the construction to have a model. You could hide a body in the old studio at this point.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

White and Yellow Floral Painting, 9" x 12", Oil on Panel

"A Sigh of Blooms"

Time for another floral today. I'm needing to build up a backlog as I intend to do the festival at Bellingham this summer and will need a score or two of these and others. I'm a bit out of practice with flowers so it's good to stretch my proverbial wings a bit. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunflower Painting in a Copper vase, 9" x 12", Oil on Panel

"Sunshine Ala Prima"

Thought I would loosen up and shake out my hands for a floral today. Also, it is so dreary out this morning that I needed a little sunshine in the studio. This was a nice break from the large figure I'm working on right now.

Here's a little bit of news I thought I'd share with you. One of my dreams has been to have my very own mentor. A teacher that I could learn from for an extended period. I've wanted to study at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle for a long time but distance, availability of classes, etc. have just made it impossible. Tenaya Sims, an alumni and teacher at Gage has started teaching small (8 students, on going, atelier style classes from his studio once a week and I was lucky enough to get in! It will mean having to travel into Seattle for two days a week (a three and a half hour drive for me). I'll stay with a relative for one night, travel to the class in the morning and after a long day, head home - with a car load of homework. I'm not sure if I can keep the pace up but I'll sure give it my best shot. I think the hardest part will be keeping sales and teaching going at the other end. Something I need to do with the economy being what it is. But, hey...when times get tough, the tough get going. Or feint. One or the other. Wish me luck!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Figure Painting of a Nude Pregnant Woman, 5" X 7", Oil on Panel

"A Little Pregnant"

I started my larger figure painting today and along with all my desk work, I just had time to do a little piece. I like the ambiance of this piece and what it says about prenancy. My cousin is expecting any moment now. I haven't seen her for months, but she was filled with twice the love and light she usually emits so I know she's a walking candle now.
I know some of you are waiting for another floral or still life, but my studio is a bit of a mess with all the construction going on. My windows are blocked by the new studio which does not yet have it's windows's cut out and so I have no North Light. So things in that department are on hold for awhile. But as soon as I can clear a space, I promise to paint one.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oil Painting of Reclining Nude, 9 1/2" x 15" Canvas Panel

"Figure Study IV"

Here's a larger study than the one I did yesterday. Although it doesn't show here, in the larger piece I'm working on, I've rearranaged the models legs. Although this little study came out well, I'm beginning to get excited over the larger piece I'm preparing. Tomorrow, I'll do another piece about this size with the new leg composition. I spent half the day preparing a panel for the new piece which will measure 20" x 30".

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oil Painting of Reclining Nude, 5" x 7" Oil on Panel

"Figure Study III"SOLD

This one was great fun! In fact, I liked it so much I've done another larger one. I'm planning to do this image in 24" x 36" or similar size format and I'm trying to work out color and lighting. This study and the one I'll post tomorrow are in warm light, but I'm also planning to try a couple in cool light. The model is Angela who posed for this piece about a year ago so I can't claim that this one is from life, though I've painted Angela enough times to feel like I have a sense of her skin tones and postures.

I've decided to post most of my paintings for sale direct through this blog and for awhile. Things are slow on eBay and since most of my collectors come to me through DP anyway, it makes good sense to avoid the eBay fees. Except for an occasional test piece, no more bidding for awhile. If you're interested in having a larger version of this or any of my small format pieces, just e-mail me.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nude Figure Painting, 5" x 7" Oil on Panel

"Figure Study II"Click here to bid.

This is the second nude figure study I've done in a small format. I'm really enjoying the challenge of these. But I especially like the opportunity that working in a small format provides for making changes and experimentation. Don't like the color - change it. Don't like the shape, change it. Viola! Great way to do studies for larger pieces. I've done this before, don't know why I stopped. But I'm going to paste a big reminder to myself on my wall to do several before starting a large painting. Now I just have to remember to read the darn thing.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oil Figure of Man with Bottle of Whiskey, 7" x 5" Oil on Panel


Willie is a local figure here in Port Angeles. He has a few period costumes from the 1800's and during history week and other special holidays, he dresses up in costume and takes folks out on tours or gives talks on the history of Port Angeles. On his off days, he models for our group. He took his shirt off here and posed with a whiskey bottle. As I already has some paint out from earlier in the day, I put him down on a small board. If you're interested you can e-mail me.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oil Painting of Draped Nude, 5" x 7" Oil on Board

"Figure Study, Small Format I"Click here to bid.

Sorry for the early post today. I'm on the fly today and had a bunch of stuff to do before heading to my drawing group. I decided to try a small format to get something quick done. Fun, fun, fun! I loved doing this! I learned so much from the brief exercise, I'll be doing a bunch more just for the kick. OK...I'm off to my group.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Reclining Nude Figure Sketch, 16" x 20"

"At Rest"

I've been spending more time on figure sketching these days. Sales have been a little slower than usual and this has reduced some of the pressure on me so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to explore and improve in other areas. I'd really like to work on my figures more and hope to do some more oil and pastel sketches during the winter. Here's one I particularly liked. The model was quite relaxed during this pose and consequently I was able to relax as well. It shows, I think.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nude Figure Painting, 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas

"A Study of Amber"

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Amber is a beautiful girl who has modeled for our group on a few occasions. A former student of mine, she took to modeling like a duck to water. Our group is in love with her but unfortunately she is moving out of the area and some other lucky group in Oregon will win her. Amber was kind enough to sit for my friend George and I one last time. I did the initial sketch and color notes from life and then worked on the piece from photos. It's tough to get the color right in this photo but the painting really has a beautiful glow to it when you see it in person. If you're interested in seeing more of this work up close, e-mail me and I'll happily oblige. "Amber" is painted on unstretched canvas which is perfect for mounting on board or matting and framing under glass.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Portrait of a Man, Charcoal, 14" x 18"


Just a quick sketch today of a gentleman who poses for my group. Dennis is a loyal model who shows up rain or shine. Without models like him, we wouldn't be able to continue our little life drawing group. Models are hard to find and we can't let them know enough how much they are appreciated.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oil Still Life Painting of Three Apples and a Pitcher, 9" x 12" Oil on Canvas

"Three Apples"

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I was intrigued by the shape of a pitcher when I visited a friend recently and she was kind enough to lend it to me. I wanted a simple still life (sans flowers) and really was focused on getting the texture of the pitcher along with the color of the apples down. I was happy with the apples but think I'd like to do the pitcher again in different light. I'm stuck working under artificial light until my new studio is done. They've built the new studio on to the old one but haven't yet broken through. The new structure cuts off all light entering the old studio so I'm really in the dark. Artificial light is more difficult to work with as the color appears different (to me) and it falls a bit less softly. I've put to work some of the principles I learned at my David Leffel workshop though and despite the frustration, I'm happy with this piece.
The sides of this canvas are painted so you can hang it without a frame if you please, or it's standard 9" x 12" size makes it easy to frame.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Painting of St. Francis with Dove, Oil on Panel, 9" x 12'

"St. Francis"SOLD

I have a small but growing collection of statuary and plaster casts that I use for myself and for my drawing students. Today while one of my students tried to capture this statue in charcoal, I used the opportunity to knock out a quick oil sketch. It actually proved to be a challenge - no so much in the rendering of the saint, but in how to achieve some life in the painting. I didn't want a monochromatic piece but then, the statue is white. So I opted for a livelier background. The cross in the upper left hand corner emerged of its own accord with brush strokes, but I opted to enhance it a bit and worked it in as part of the composition. I spent some extra time with this exercise because I'm trying to get a deeper understanding of how color can work for me. I changed the background several times before settling on this warm one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oil Painting of Yellow Rose, 5" x 7"

"Yellow Rose"$45.00 usd + $6.00 s/h
Click here to purchase.

I was short for time today with dentist appointments and my life drawing group scheduled. I've been meaning to use these short days for exercises and color studies. This little one is numbered "1" as it's the first in a series I'll do of floewrs with different color combinations. I was aiming for something entirely different than what actually transpired here so I have some work to do in this arena. Still, it was fun and absorbing for the hour of work it took. Enjoy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oil Painting of Pink Roses, 9" x 12" Oil on Linen Panel

"November Roses"SOLD

It's a funny thing about painting. Often artists resist the one thing they love the most. It's been labeled a lot of things like "resistance", "block", "creative anxiety", etc. But what it amounts to is this. Just before I'm due to arrive in my studio, I find a thousand other things to do. Like vacuum, wash dishes, do the laundry, call my long lost relatives, even do my taxes! What I need to remind myself is that once I get in there and get going, all that resistance disappears.

Today, though, I actually found myself getting excited about squeezing out some paint and getting elbow deep in paint. The pastel I did the other day was just a warm up. I found today's little painting a lot easier to do than I thought I would, having been away from the easel for over a month. I got quickly into the piece and was just humming along to the busy sound of construction guys hammering on the new studio roof just outside my window.

Well, here it is. I chose something simple for today's exercise. Hope you like it. I used lots of paint and a palette knife to apply it with. I'm trying to utilize that tool more than I have in the past and find that it is wonderful for getting the look I'm after on some of my vases.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pastel Painting of Alaskan Bonny Lake, 18" x 26.5"

"Bonny Lake"$250.00 plus shipping.
E-mail Susan to purchase.

Well I'm back. Almost a complete month away in Europe and on the high seas! Wow. I'm still recovering from jet lag. Can you believe I've been falling asleep everyday at 7:00 PM? On a transatlantic crossing, the ship turns back the clock one hour every day for six days. While that sounds gradual - trust me, it isn't! Then that final five hour flight back home and another three hour change. What time is it, anyway?

I haven't had time to pull my pictures from the vacation and sort through for some good resource material. I was going to paint a still life, but felt like working in a well lit studio which I can't do for still life. My friend, Patti Cline is a fabulous photographer. This painting was done from a terrific photo she took of Bonny Lake in Alaska. I asked her permission to use it for a reference and she graciously gave it. I don't use photos much these days as I have been focusing on still life and Plein Air. But I just don't get to Alaska very much and besides - it's too cold to stand outside there!

I really like the way this painting turned out. I haven't painted in pastels in quite awhile so I really enjoyed being able to just walk away and come back without fear of dried paint. There's a lot more happening in this painting than the photo reveals but, after all, I'm not a photographer. I'm a painter and my friend lives too far away to help me out on that account.

This painting comes shipped in it's own secure case to make it easier for framing. The pastel is lightly fixed to protect it. Framing and matting is available upon request. Closeup photos are also available upon request.

Please be sure to visit Patti's site and e-mail her to let her know how beautiful her work is! I'm trying to talk her into blogging so you can all subscribe, but she's a busy girl and is resisting at the moment.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Painting of Asian Woman by a Bridge, 24" x 36", Oil on Canvas

"By the Full Moon Bridge"Click here to inquire about purchase.

You may remember that I posted an image of this piece before it was completed many months ago. I finished it recently in time for my show. Although it isn't a "daily" panting I decided to post it as a final piece before taking my leave for the next month. Although I don't leave until the 18th for Europe, I have much to do between now and then and won't be able to get into the studio except for teaching. We were fortunate to find a house sitter at the last minute so my furry family will be well taken care of.
The past few days have been spent in a Seattle hospital helping my Uncle attend to my Aunt. She's quite ill and it just seems that the nurses can't do everthing that's needed to keep someone comfortable. I would have liked to stay longer, but things here at home needed attending and so I only returned this morning.
I'll be taking lots of photos while I'm gone and hope to be able to create some new pieces when I return based on my experiences in Europe. I'm very much looking forward to this vacation as a chance to get "reacquainted" with my poor husband who, because of our busy schedules, I hardly every get to see before dinner or bedtime. I intend to spend the time dancing my little feet off and ogling every piece of art I can. We'll be spending three days in Padua and Venice before leaving on a cruise of the western Mediterranean. Then we finish off with a transatlantic cruise.
In the meantime, my studio is framed and they start the walls this week. It's very exciting. The walls are nine feet high with a cathedral ceiling. I find myself walking around on the sub flooring imagining where everything will go. Right now my main goal is to have as little actual furniture in the new space as possible. I want to leave it open for students and work. It's amazing how fast clutter can fill even the largest space! So I'll be signing off for now. Wish me bonn voyage. I wish you all a lovely fall. Keep safe; keep warm, keep loving art!
Warm regards, Susan

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Still Life of vases and Urns, 5" x 7" Oil on Panel

"On the Floor"
$25Click here to e-mail me for purchase.

It's been awhile since I did one of these. When I first started doing daily paintings, I painted a lot of common objects. It was fun and rather challenging. But I've always found working small to be difficult and sort of cramping. With things being as slow as they are on eBay and everyone holding onto their change (me included), small seems to be the order of the day. These jars and jugs sit on the floor in my studio waiting for their next role in a still life or floral. Today I chose to just let them stay where they are and I worked them into one of these small exercises. I enjoyed it and it was a nice change from the usual.
With things in our beloved country so much in upheaval, I've been giving a lot of thought to the natural rhythm of things. It would seem to me that this is perhaps an opportunity (unwanted albeit) to change my pace and stretch a bit. I'll continue to post many of fl orals I enjoy and will also be trying some new things. But I won't be putting them up for auction for the next month or two with, perhaps, a few exceptions. They'll be for sale here on my blog and there will be links for e-mailing me. One of my customers took advantage of this yesterday and purchased the "Two Little Nudes" off the blog. PayPal is still the preferred method of payment, but I take checks as well.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Two Little Nudes, 8" x 10" on watercolor and foam core


I just felt like dabbling today so I took out a couple of sketches I did some time ago and repainted them on watercolor paper in pen and ink with a watercolor wash. They're in small, playing card sizes and backed on a bit of black foam core. Whimsical and fun to do. Just not a serious day. I think there's enough serious stuff going down right now - don't you? E-mail me if you're interested.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nude Figure Sketch

"In Repose"
$20 includes shipping.
E-mail me to purchase.

I usually work in charcoal for my figure sketches but decided to use a bit of conte for this one. I played with the background a bit to get a feel for different compositions. This is available for just $20 (includes shipping) to anyone who e-mails me. It's on newsprint paper and so I won't be listing it for sale on eBay.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Daily Oil Panting of Yellow Roses, 9" x 12" on Canvas

"Yellow Roses"$75.00

Yellow roses are my favorites (I think) - no really. It changes from time to time. But I do love them and they always seems to lift my spirits a little. I don't know about you, but right now, in these times, I need all the help I can get. Chocolate helps too. I fussed with these a bit. Roses are always a challenge. See the detail shot below.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oil Painting of Asian Vase and Tumbling Red Roses, 14" x 18" Oil on Linen

"Tumbling Roses"$150
Click here to e-mail me about purchase.

This piece has been sitting on my easel demanding to be finished while other obligations got in the way. Despite my earlier struggles with this piece, I'm content with the way in which it was resolved. I think the roses came out just great and the greenery which posed such a problem at first, was handled well. I've been finding out that my skills can get rusty if I'm away from the easel for only a few days. What am I going to do when I go to Europe in two weeks?! All I'll have is a sketch book. Maybe I can bring some watercolors.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Landscape Painting of Pond and Hills, 16" x 20" Oil on canvas

"Gavillan Springs"

Today was one of our first "fall" like days with rainy weather and cool winds. Although I prefer the warmer weather (I'm a California girl in mourning), I do like the fall. In a way it's a good excuse to rest and slow down from the summer pace that keeps me in a dizzy race to accomplish things that can't be done in the cooler wet weather. It seems that I've been off my pace a bit this year, though, and can't seem to find my rythym. It's not that I haven't been painting - I have. It's just that I'm not happy with what's been coming off my brush. I'm in a curve where I'm learning new things but having trouble integrating them into my work. I'm working on a painting of roses now but couldn't seem to get it done today and that's just as well. Perhaps it will be better for the slower pace.
Here's one from a yesteryear. Gavillan Springs is a seasonal pond that only comes to life in the winter in California. I used to go there with a dear friend to paint and this was one that came out of such an excursion. It's made me think of doing some landscapes again. I've been remiss to start new projects because my studio is under construction (we're expanding) and things are such a mess. I walk into that studio and can't seem to get started or organized. I'm hoping to get back to some landscapes in the winter once everything is done. I'm going on a trip to the Mediterranean in a couple of weeks for a month. Hopefully I'll come back with some good material and the studio will be nearly finished.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oil Painting of White Flowers in Blue Delft Vase with Red Plums, 12" x 16", Oil on Panel

"Lightstruck Reconsidered"$125
Click here to e-mail me in regard to purchase.

I actually painted this piece earlier last month but wasn't happy with it. I've kept it around the studio and finally figured out what it lacked. The blooms are more abundant now and the canvas looks integrated. I adjusted the light on the vase and the plums shadows were deepened. More loose blooms adorn the table top and the light has more of a glow. I first put a separator coat of varnish on and then painted the second layers in glazes. It really made a spectacular difference in the painting. My husband was walking past the studio and just glanced in. He did a double take and said -" that new?" Guess I succeeded! There is, of course, generous paint on the flowers. The varnish really makes the colors brighter and things just glow! Think I'll be doing more of that. It's really hard to see the effect in a photo. You'll just have to have some faith. See the detail below. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oil Painting of Hydrangeas and Peaches, 9" x 12", Oil on Canvas

"Hydranageas in Cool Light"
Click here to e-mail me about purchase.

Today was the first cloudy day we've had in two weeks. Sigh. I miss the sun already. But the light coming in my studio window was cool and called for light flowers. This was good because I had already started this painting last evening. Two of my close friends are leaving town to return to their winter home in Mexico. My husband and I will spend an evening with them tonight and I won't see them again until the spring. I'm feeling melancholy and winter feels like it's here already. The time we have on this earth is so short and the time we can spend with good friends is very precious. I'm posting this early so I can get myself over to spend more time with my friends. Enjoy your evening.

Oil Panting of a Brass Pitcher and White Roses with Nectarines; 20" x 22", Oil on Linen

"The Brass Pitcher"

Click here to inquire about purchase.

This is another painting from my show collection. For a long time my specialty was reflective objects and glass. Brass and copper are still favorites and often show up in my more recent work. I love the warm glow and the way objects both reflect the color and are reflected by the metal. In this one, the roses pick up the warmth of the brass and at the same time they add a much needed balance of coolness. The nectarines bring top the piece with yellows and reds. While I have other pieces in the show, they are awaiting some professional photography before I can show them off. I'm working on a small one for eBay for tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oil Panting of Asian Dragon Vase with fruit and flowers, 26" x 22", Oil on Linen

"The Dragon Jar"SOLD
Click here to inquire.

This painting is the corner stone of my ongoing show this month. It's definitely my favorite and it shows. I especially love the light in this one. Sure wish I could turn one out like this in just a few hours, but it did take about three long sittings. It's partially glazed with some lovely brush work in the fruit and flowers.
I've been pretty busy with show stuff, construction and just enjoying the last breath of summer here on the peninsula. I have about a month before I leave for a 21 day cruise of the Mediterranean and a transatlantic crossing. It's been difficult to focus in my studio because my eyes keep wandering to the gorgeous sunshine and then they glaze over with visions of Italy. With the ongoing construction of the new studio, I've let things get a bit awry in the old one and it's getting more crowded by the day. I think it's a reflection of where my head is these days. Oh well. I'm cutting myself some slack because once the long winter sets in here, I'll have more studio time than ever and lots more room to create in. Hope you're all enjoying the last days of summer and the beginning of fall.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Oil Painting of Blue Hyacinth, 11" x 14", Oil on Panel

"Hyacinth and Le Creucet"

Hyacinth are very popular flowers. This was a recent commission. A reminder to you all that Commissions are reasonable and a great way to get the painting that you really want. They also make wonderful presents that last a lifetime and are handed down from generation to generation.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Floral Oil Painting of Roses, Asian Vase and Fruit, 24" x 28"


$650 - Unframed, Free Shipping
$725 - Framed, Free Shipping

Click here to purchase or view eBay Listing

My show opened today at Gallery at the Fifth in Sequim, WA. Some of you were there for support and I can't tell you how much that is appreciated. It's always so much fun to reveal new work and share the excitement with friends. I've already garnered a very large commission and have some bites on a couple of others.
I shared the space with my friend George Zien, who is a watercolor artist. George is one of my painting buddy's and his wife, Janet feels like family. We enjoyed our time together today. The weather was so beautiful I was surprised we pulled in as many folks as we did. We don't have much of a summer here in Port Angeles and the warm sunny weather was just a delicious treat. Too bad I had to be inside for most of it.
I'll be featuring paintings from the show this week on my blog and eBay. These pieces are larger than what I usually post on my blog and a lot more "polished". I'm offering them at the same prices listed in the gallery without the frames but with free shipping. If you're interested in the frame, just e-mail me and I'll be happy to send you a better photo than the one below. Just add in $75.00 for the cost of the frame for this painting. That's the wholesale price and the best I can offer.
Here's a detail shot of the painting's roses and a little shot below that of the framed piece. Sorry for the glare on this piece. This painting has two coats of varnish for protection. To see it in person is to really appreciate it. It positively glows!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oil Painting of Pink Roses and Delft Vase, 9" x 12", Oil on Panel

"Roses and Pears"SOLD

Just back from a week long workshop, I'm still in workshop mode. I'm working on actually slowing down. Seems my first year I spent speeding up so I get a panting a day done. Now I want to take a bit more time to do a piece. I still take about a day, but I'm putting more hours into each piece. Right now the biggest challenge is incorporating some of the things I learned at the workshop into my stuff. Got a ways to go though. I don't think anyone will notice the difference right now because all my effort is going into how I hold my brushes and make a stroke. Mundane stuff that adds up over the long run. Thought I'd try these roses today. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oil Painting of Delft Blue Tea Pot and Fruit, 12" x 16" on Panel

"The Little Blue Tea Pot"

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I spent the week at a workshop taught by David Leffel. I turned out this one during the week and put some finishing touches on it today. The workshop was incredible but intensive and exhausting. I'm happy I can offer this to you as it has the approval of the Master. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pastel Painting of Green Crystalline Tea Pot and Peony with Grapes

"Green Tea"SOLD

Here's the last of my old pieces. I'll be turning out new ones from this point on. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pastel Painting of Silver Bowl with Fruit

"Silver and Satin"SOLD

Part of my Trompe l'Oeil collection, I truly love this little piece. Although my style has changed quite a bit since I painted this, I still enjoy looking at it. This painting was quite small. I remember when I was at LaQuinta Arts Festival in California and they had used this image in the guide book for the festival. A woman came racing into my tent and asked, "Where is this painting; I want to buy it!" When I pointed to it on the wall, she was so disappointed because she had thought it to be an enormous painting. She had a large space to fill and thought that this painting was fill the niche, so to speak. We were both disappointed. But I got a good chuckle out of the experience.

Pastel Portrait of a Man with Boy and Dog

"Warren and Family"


Many of my portraits are done in Pastel because clients like the soft look of it. Warren came to me and asked if I would do his portrait along with his son and dog. It took a lot of photographs to get that dog to hold still. Naturally, I couldn't work from life on this one.

Today is day one of my workshop with the famous David Leffel. Check out my other blog for updates on this experience.

Pastel Painting of Lemon and White Pitcher

"Lemonade in Blue"


This pastel was one of the first Trompe l'Oeil that I did in the series. It was scooped up by a collector. I still use this vase in many of my still lifes, only because I paint more flowers now, the top is hard to see.

Floral Oil Painting of Mixed Bouquet, 24" x 36", Oil on Canvas

"Floral en Trompe l'Oeil"SOLD

I'm headed to a week long workshop in Fall City this week so I as I won't be able to publish regularly, I thought I'd run a sort of slide show of some previous work. If I get a chance, I'll publish what I'm doing at the workshop and maybe get to post one or two for sale, but this is a week of study. Something I desperately need to do for myself. It will be refreshing to work with other artists instead of in isolation and I'll get to sit at the feet of the Master, David Leffel.
This piece was one from my Trompe l'Oeil collection (pronounced tompe loi - at least I think so. The French would argue with that or so says my friend Jackie - oh, excuse me - Jacquie). I actually painted the frame into the painting. Something I did on a lot of pieces in those days.