Monday, April 28, 2008

Painting of Cherry Pitcher and Lemons, 12" x 14" Oil on Canvas Board

"The Cherry Pitcher"

A very dear friend asked if I would paint a "portrait" of her mother's favorite pitcher. I just finished it. Wish I had some cherries to go in the painting, but it's just too early in the season. Hope she likes it.

Oil Painting of Daffodils and Lemons, 12" x 14" Oil on Canvas Board

"Daffodils for Patti"Click here to bid.

My sister(in law) asked me to paint some Daffodils because they were almost gone. This was a month or more ago in California. I live in Washington and they're barely out now. So, Patti, I didn't forget. I just didn't have a model.

This painting was done on a heavier canvas than I have been using. It's slightly rougher surface forced me to heavy up on the paint load, but I enjoyed it's softer look. I've ordered some medium grade linen and hope to be trying some new things on that.

My prices have changed somewhat recently due to inflation and demand. 9" x 12" pieces still start at $45. 11" x 14" will be starting at $55. Pieces larger such as 14" x 18" will start at $75 or $80 if they are completed in one session. However, if I take the extra time to work a piece over two days, I will likely start the auction at $25 but put a reserve of between $125 (for pieces 11" x 14") to $200 (for pieces 14" x 18") depending on the detail involved in the painting. I'll be posting these prices at the top of my blog soon, but you can e-mail me with any questions. I still reserve the right to mix things up occasionally as EBay is one huge experiment - sometimes. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oil Painting of Orchids and Fruit on Canvas Panel, 12" x 14"

"Fruit and Flowers"Click here to bid.

This was supposed to be an ala prima piece...painted in just one sitting. However, I promised a racquetball game to my husband and so had to finish it a whole two days later as other committments kept me out of the studio the next day. The fact that the paint had an extra day to set up, allowed me a bit of glazing and scumbling to heighten contrast and color a bit. Enjoy.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Oil Painting of Pink Peonies and Tangerines, 9" x 12"

"Pink Passion"

I've been out of town for the weekend sharing good food and gentle weather with my favorite cousins in California. Everything is blooming there. Sigh. It snowed here while we were gone. I couldn't bring the flowers home, so I chose the brightest flowers I could find from among my own collection and painted this. There's lots of thick paint on these beauties to make the petals stand out. See the detail closeup below. Enjoy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oil Painting of Hyacinth, 12" x 12" on Canvas Panel

"Hyacinth a la Creuset II"Private Collection

I completed a small commission and decided to post it to my blog. Although sold, other paintings similar to this are available on commission. Check out my gallery at

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oil Paint of White Roses, Asian Pot, and Fruit, 14" x 18" on Canvas Panel

"Summer Repast"


A bit more involved than one of my ala prima paintings, I took an extra sitting to complete this piece. It has multiple glazings and scumbling to heighten it's color and sense of drama. As much as I love ala prima painting, nothing excites more more than bringing a painting up to a polish. Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed painting it. See the detail shots below. To see how it was painted, click here.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oil Painting of Poppies and Yellow Vase, 9" x 12" on Canvas Panel

"Days to Come"

One of my students forgot her reference material and asked if I would do a demonstration of how I paint my daily pieces. So here it is. Quick, but fun.

Monday, April 07, 2008

"White Roses for a Rainy Day"SOLD

Found this gem of a vase at a garage sale and scooped it up. It was perfect for these white roses today. It was rainy and the soft light coming in the windows really made the roses glow. Lots of thick paint on these. So thick, in fact, that I had to photograph the piece several times to get the light right. The paint is so high that the light reflecting off its ridges photographed with too high a contrast! See the detail below.

To see how this one was painted, click here after 8:00 PM tonight. If you haven't visited my teaching blog, Musens by Susan, just click here anyway!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oil Painting of Roses and Silver Server, 8" x 10" on Canvas Panel

"'Thank You' Roses"

I never talk politics on my blog and this isn't meant to be a speech or anything like one. I'm an independent and have mixed views on a load of subjects - our current war being one of them. But there's a story to these roses. They were part of a table centerpiece at an event sponsored by South Korean Government who regularly throws parties and dinners and parades and functions just to say "Thank You, you are not forgotten" to the Korean War Veterans of our country. The war is often referred to as the "Forgotten War". This grateful nation wants to reassure the veterans who gave of themselves to help win freedom for the South Koreans, that their sacrifices were not in vain.

My husband is a Korean Vet and has done a lot of work in Washington to recognize veterans of this war. The Korean Consulate General and numerous other Korean dignitaries and Korean/Americans frequently invite us and any Korean Veterans they can find to attend these functions as honored guests. There are always speeches and heartfelt thanks and testimonials given. All Korean War Veterans are invited to come and tour South Korean at the Korean Government's expense. A program that will end only when the last Korean War Veteran dies. It's a warm and welcome change from the way the U.S. is regarded by so many other countries these days. Our vets never leave with a dry eye. So this is just a note to say "Thank You" to the South Korean Government whose generous and grateful spirit has warmed the hearts and souls of so many older men and women, too, who are disappearing from our midst daily. I couldn't help but think of them as I painted these fading roses.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Original Pastel Painting of Nude, 12" x 16", $45 Unframed, $85 Framed

"Angela with Child"
E-mail me to imquire about purchase through PayPal.

Angela, my favorite model, is vibrant with the blush of expectant motherhood. Today was her last modeling session for awhile and I caught her while I could with some pastels. I had to work quickly as I changed paper three separate times. This piece is available directly from me for $45 unframed or $85 framed. The framing makes it easier as there is no worry over smudging the work. Unframed pastels get shipped in their own special case that protects them until framing.