Saturday, June 26, 2010

Charcoal and White Chalk Nude Figure, 10" x 14" on Paper


We had our student show at Georgetown Atelier just a week or two ago. It was a grand success and I'm proud to say that we're getting some notice now at places like Gage Academy where Juliette Aristedies teaches and some of the finest instructors and students turn out notable work. For a brand new atelier just starting up, we already have a good number of applications for the fall. I'm happy to report that I'm planning on attending three days a week instead of just two next year. I feel that the additional time spent in life drawing can only lead to improvement.

"Veronica" was one of the pieces I turned out this year. There's a lot more going on in the half tones than appears here. I've had some difficulty in picking them up with the camera.

I've had little time to paint this year with all the time spent at school and teaching my own classes. I hope with the summer break to be able to get some easel time in.

I just attended a three day workshop led by John Clarke from the American Society of Aviation Painters. It was on perspective. Coupled with some evening lectures by Michael Grimaldi on Human Anatomy for the Artist, I feel like I have some pretty good tools for my tool box. I intend to spend some time this summer brushing up on color and doing some plein aire painting. The weather here has finally started to warm a bit. Can you believe I'm still wearing a wind breaker in the mornings when I walk? And it's flannel lined! This is the last week of classes at the atelier so I'm getting in gear for the upcoming Studio Tour. Hope you can drop by for a visit during the weekend of July 16, 17 and 18th. I'll be painting in the studio and I'd love to see you!

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