Sunday, October 12, 2008

Painting of Asian Woman by a Bridge, 24" x 36", Oil on Canvas

"By the Full Moon Bridge"Click here to inquire about purchase.

You may remember that I posted an image of this piece before it was completed many months ago. I finished it recently in time for my show. Although it isn't a "daily" panting I decided to post it as a final piece before taking my leave for the next month. Although I don't leave until the 18th for Europe, I have much to do between now and then and won't be able to get into the studio except for teaching. We were fortunate to find a house sitter at the last minute so my furry family will be well taken care of.
The past few days have been spent in a Seattle hospital helping my Uncle attend to my Aunt. She's quite ill and it just seems that the nurses can't do everthing that's needed to keep someone comfortable. I would have liked to stay longer, but things here at home needed attending and so I only returned this morning.
I'll be taking lots of photos while I'm gone and hope to be able to create some new pieces when I return based on my experiences in Europe. I'm very much looking forward to this vacation as a chance to get "reacquainted" with my poor husband who, because of our busy schedules, I hardly every get to see before dinner or bedtime. I intend to spend the time dancing my little feet off and ogling every piece of art I can. We'll be spending three days in Padua and Venice before leaving on a cruise of the western Mediterranean. Then we finish off with a transatlantic cruise.
In the meantime, my studio is framed and they start the walls this week. It's very exciting. The walls are nine feet high with a cathedral ceiling. I find myself walking around on the sub flooring imagining where everything will go. Right now my main goal is to have as little actual furniture in the new space as possible. I want to leave it open for students and work. It's amazing how fast clutter can fill even the largest space! So I'll be signing off for now. Wish me bonn voyage. I wish you all a lovely fall. Keep safe; keep warm, keep loving art!
Warm regards, Susan

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Still Life of vases and Urns, 5" x 7" Oil on Panel

"On the Floor"
$25Click here to e-mail me for purchase.

It's been awhile since I did one of these. When I first started doing daily paintings, I painted a lot of common objects. It was fun and rather challenging. But I've always found working small to be difficult and sort of cramping. With things being as slow as they are on eBay and everyone holding onto their change (me included), small seems to be the order of the day. These jars and jugs sit on the floor in my studio waiting for their next role in a still life or floral. Today I chose to just let them stay where they are and I worked them into one of these small exercises. I enjoyed it and it was a nice change from the usual.
With things in our beloved country so much in upheaval, I've been giving a lot of thought to the natural rhythm of things. It would seem to me that this is perhaps an opportunity (unwanted albeit) to change my pace and stretch a bit. I'll continue to post many of fl orals I enjoy and will also be trying some new things. But I won't be putting them up for auction for the next month or two with, perhaps, a few exceptions. They'll be for sale here on my blog and there will be links for e-mailing me. One of my customers took advantage of this yesterday and purchased the "Two Little Nudes" off the blog. PayPal is still the preferred method of payment, but I take checks as well.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Two Little Nudes, 8" x 10" on watercolor and foam core


I just felt like dabbling today so I took out a couple of sketches I did some time ago and repainted them on watercolor paper in pen and ink with a watercolor wash. They're in small, playing card sizes and backed on a bit of black foam core. Whimsical and fun to do. Just not a serious day. I think there's enough serious stuff going down right now - don't you? E-mail me if you're interested.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nude Figure Sketch

"In Repose"
$20 includes shipping.
E-mail me to purchase.

I usually work in charcoal for my figure sketches but decided to use a bit of conte for this one. I played with the background a bit to get a feel for different compositions. This is available for just $20 (includes shipping) to anyone who e-mails me. It's on newsprint paper and so I won't be listing it for sale on eBay.