Friday, January 22, 2010

Painting of Ancient Teapot and fruit, 11" x 14", Oil on Panel

"Old but not forgotten"
Currently NFS

I've been so busy since the holidays I've hardly had a day to spare. But as I just finished this piece as an entry for a show, I decided I'd better take the time to post it. This piece was definitely not a daily painting. While some parts were done partially ala prima, for the most part, it took me several long sittings to finish. Photographing Oils is always a challenge as they tend to reflect light. It's so hard to prevent this from occuring that it can take me a week or more before I can create the right lighting situation to photograph them. This is the best I was able to accomplish. Hope it works for the competition.

School continues to be a challenge and a passion. I spend two days in Seattle now and then race home to teach two classes back to back on Wednesday. Not much time left for other things. Hope you like this. Next piece is a pastel landscape.