Monday, April 28, 2008

Oil Painting of Daffodils and Lemons, 12" x 14" Oil on Canvas Board

"Daffodils for Patti"Click here to bid.

My sister(in law) asked me to paint some Daffodils because they were almost gone. This was a month or more ago in California. I live in Washington and they're barely out now. So, Patti, I didn't forget. I just didn't have a model.

This painting was done on a heavier canvas than I have been using. It's slightly rougher surface forced me to heavy up on the paint load, but I enjoyed it's softer look. I've ordered some medium grade linen and hope to be trying some new things on that.

My prices have changed somewhat recently due to inflation and demand. 9" x 12" pieces still start at $45. 11" x 14" will be starting at $55. Pieces larger such as 14" x 18" will start at $75 or $80 if they are completed in one session. However, if I take the extra time to work a piece over two days, I will likely start the auction at $25 but put a reserve of between $125 (for pieces 11" x 14") to $200 (for pieces 14" x 18") depending on the detail involved in the painting. I'll be posting these prices at the top of my blog soon, but you can e-mail me with any questions. I still reserve the right to mix things up occasionally as EBay is one huge experiment - sometimes. Thanks for looking.

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