Monday, December 08, 2008

Figure Painting of a Nude Pregnant Woman, 5" X 7", Oil on Panel

"A Little Pregnant"

I started my larger figure painting today and along with all my desk work, I just had time to do a little piece. I like the ambiance of this piece and what it says about prenancy. My cousin is expecting any moment now. I haven't seen her for months, but she was filled with twice the love and light she usually emits so I know she's a walking candle now.
I know some of you are waiting for another floral or still life, but my studio is a bit of a mess with all the construction going on. My windows are blocked by the new studio which does not yet have it's windows's cut out and so I have no North Light. So things in that department are on hold for awhile. But as soon as I can clear a space, I promise to paint one.

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