Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oil Still Life Painting of Three Apples and a Pitcher, 9" x 12" Oil on Canvas

"Three Apples"

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I was intrigued by the shape of a pitcher when I visited a friend recently and she was kind enough to lend it to me. I wanted a simple still life (sans flowers) and really was focused on getting the texture of the pitcher along with the color of the apples down. I was happy with the apples but think I'd like to do the pitcher again in different light. I'm stuck working under artificial light until my new studio is done. They've built the new studio on to the old one but haven't yet broken through. The new structure cuts off all light entering the old studio so I'm really in the dark. Artificial light is more difficult to work with as the color appears different (to me) and it falls a bit less softly. I've put to work some of the principles I learned at my David Leffel workshop though and despite the frustration, I'm happy with this piece.
The sides of this canvas are painted so you can hang it without a frame if you please, or it's standard 9" x 12" size makes it easy to frame.


Art with Liz said...

Still life is never my favourite, but when it's done well, it looks great. You have done justice to that pitcher (I thought that was the person who threw the ball in baseball??) and your intense colour and light is fantastic.

Susan Martin Spar said...

Thanks Liz! I was trying to implement some of the stuff I learned from David Leffel at a workshop this year.