Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pastel Painting of Alaskan Bonny Lake, 18" x 26.5"

"Bonny Lake"$250.00 plus shipping.
E-mail Susan to purchase.

Well I'm back. Almost a complete month away in Europe and on the high seas! Wow. I'm still recovering from jet lag. Can you believe I've been falling asleep everyday at 7:00 PM? On a transatlantic crossing, the ship turns back the clock one hour every day for six days. While that sounds gradual - trust me, it isn't! Then that final five hour flight back home and another three hour change. What time is it, anyway?

I haven't had time to pull my pictures from the vacation and sort through for some good resource material. I was going to paint a still life, but felt like working in a well lit studio which I can't do for still life. My friend, Patti Cline is a fabulous photographer. This painting was done from a terrific photo she took of Bonny Lake in Alaska. I asked her permission to use it for a reference and she graciously gave it. I don't use photos much these days as I have been focusing on still life and Plein Air. But I just don't get to Alaska very much and besides - it's too cold to stand outside there!

I really like the way this painting turned out. I haven't painted in pastels in quite awhile so I really enjoyed being able to just walk away and come back without fear of dried paint. There's a lot more happening in this painting than the photo reveals but, after all, I'm not a photographer. I'm a painter and my friend lives too far away to help me out on that account.

This painting comes shipped in it's own secure case to make it easier for framing. The pastel is lightly fixed to protect it. Framing and matting is available upon request. Closeup photos are also available upon request.

Please be sure to visit Patti's site and e-mail her to let her know how beautiful her work is! I'm trying to talk her into blogging so you can all subscribe, but she's a busy girl and is resisting at the moment.

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