Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oil Panting of a Brass Pitcher and White Roses with Nectarines; 20" x 22", Oil on Linen

"The Brass Pitcher"

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This is another painting from my show collection. For a long time my specialty was reflective objects and glass. Brass and copper are still favorites and often show up in my more recent work. I love the warm glow and the way objects both reflect the color and are reflected by the metal. In this one, the roses pick up the warmth of the brass and at the same time they add a much needed balance of coolness. The nectarines bring top the piece with yellows and reds. While I have other pieces in the show, they are awaiting some professional photography before I can show them off. I'm working on a small one for eBay for tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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