Sunday, September 07, 2008

Floral Oil Painting of Roses, Asian Vase and Fruit, 24" x 28"


$650 - Unframed, Free Shipping
$725 - Framed, Free Shipping

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My show opened today at Gallery at the Fifth in Sequim, WA. Some of you were there for support and I can't tell you how much that is appreciated. It's always so much fun to reveal new work and share the excitement with friends. I've already garnered a very large commission and have some bites on a couple of others.
I shared the space with my friend George Zien, who is a watercolor artist. George is one of my painting buddy's and his wife, Janet feels like family. We enjoyed our time together today. The weather was so beautiful I was surprised we pulled in as many folks as we did. We don't have much of a summer here in Port Angeles and the warm sunny weather was just a delicious treat. Too bad I had to be inside for most of it.
I'll be featuring paintings from the show this week on my blog and eBay. These pieces are larger than what I usually post on my blog and a lot more "polished". I'm offering them at the same prices listed in the gallery without the frames but with free shipping. If you're interested in the frame, just e-mail me and I'll be happy to send you a better photo than the one below. Just add in $75.00 for the cost of the frame for this painting. That's the wholesale price and the best I can offer.
Here's a detail shot of the painting's roses and a little shot below that of the framed piece. Sorry for the glare on this piece. This painting has two coats of varnish for protection. To see it in person is to really appreciate it. It positively glows!


katrina said...

Hi susan. you have done a great job. i love the color scheme u have used in these paintings. Specially the 1st one is really awesome.

Susan Martin Spar said...

Thanks Katrina! Color is always a little scary for me. I try to be a bit conservative using a color against colorlessness scheme. Seems to work for me.