Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oil Painting of White Flowers in Blue Delft Vase with Red Plums, 12" x 16", Oil on Panel

"Lightstruck Reconsidered"$125
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I actually painted this piece earlier last month but wasn't happy with it. I've kept it around the studio and finally figured out what it lacked. The blooms are more abundant now and the canvas looks integrated. I adjusted the light on the vase and the plums shadows were deepened. More loose blooms adorn the table top and the light has more of a glow. I first put a separator coat of varnish on and then painted the second layers in glazes. It really made a spectacular difference in the painting. My husband was walking past the studio and just glanced in. He did a double take and said -" that new?" Guess I succeeded! There is, of course, generous paint on the flowers. The varnish really makes the colors brighter and things just glow! Think I'll be doing more of that. It's really hard to see the effect in a photo. You'll just have to have some faith. See the detail below. Enjoy.

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i love it