Friday, January 09, 2009

Figure Sketch, Charcoal on Paper, 24" x 36"

"Anna Dreaming"

What a great day. I woke up feeling totally exhausted after a very late night having worked until midnight. But despite feeling dragged out, the day went pretty well. I worked on my commission painting and really brought it to a great place. For those of you who are following my
teaching blog, the painting is really looking up. I changed quite a bit since my last post early this morning. However, I've decided to wait until I'm finished with the painting to post the rest of the lessons. Don't worry - I'm documenting every step! The reason for this decision is that I feel it is important that my customer be the first to see the finished painting. After all, it is for her. However, once she's approved the piece, I'll post the last two lessons.
So getting back to today...I got into the studio at 8:00 AM and brought the painting to it's resting place for the day and then realized that I still had shopping to do for my class next week and won't be able to do it between now and when I leave. So I cleaned up my palette, grabbed my purse and ran out the door. Three hrs later I'm back, but pooped. I just had time to dash off this figure sketch from an earlier one done in class. So my "daily" obligation is met and I can relax tonight. I won't be publishing again for a few days as I will be attending atelier in Seattle and won't return until Tuesday evening. With teaching on Wednesday and homework, my studio is disarray from the construction, it may be Thursday before I post again. Have a great week!

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