Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Oil Painting Floral Still Life, 11" x 14", Oil on Canvas Panel

"In the Spotlight"Click here to inquire about purchasing this painting.

I recently spent a weekend in Olympia, WA for, of all things, the senior Olympics. I payed racquetball! While I won't be on the next box of Wheaties (to borrow a phrase from a customer), I did enjoy myself immensely. However, the best part of the trip were several forays into antique and consignment shops to look for new props for my paintings. I picked this little vase up. It was just big enough to hold a few small blooms and these incredible berries that grow in abundance all around Washington. No idea what they are and they're not edible, but they have the most luscious color. They set the vase of nicely and I decided to feature it set back with a low horizon. I like this composition. I've used it many times before and there's just something about the way the light on the table leads your eye up to the vase and flowers that I like. Anyway, the vase has a wonderful shape and emerges just beautifully from the shadows around it. Sigh. I'm a hopeless romantic.

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