Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oil Painting of a Silver Bowl with Red Fruit 9" x 12"

"Too Pretty to Eat"

This is 9" x 12" painting of a silver bowl with fruit. That said for Ebay and Google searches, the silver bowl is one that I love and have included in many paintings. It's always a challenge to paint and it's fun to try to get the reflection of nearby objects as well. Here the reflection of the green grapes was a bit of a challenge. They have to look real and somewhat distorted but should not have any real discernable highlights on them. The fruits are thickly painted except for the plum in the foreground which serves a purpose in the composition but shouldn't steal the show. I always get a kick out of painting reflections and hope you all enjoy them too.
I've been a bit remis about getting stuff on Ebay this week because of my show which opens on Friday in a local gallery. I'll be out of town for a bit in the first week or so of March but I should still have a listing or two running during that time and will be carrying my laptop with me.

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