Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oil Floral Painting of Silver Cup,Magnolias and Nectarines, 12" x 24" Gallery Wrap Canvas

"Sweet Magnolia Wine"

This 12" x 24" painting is one of a series I'm doing on magnolias. It's on gallery wrapped canvas 3/4" deep with painted sides so there's no need to frame it. Just hang it as it is!

This unusually shaped and interesting canvas has been hanging around the studio for awhile so I thought I'd put it to good use. The long shape challenged me to create a composition that would be pleasing to the eye. The piece draws your eyes initially to the silver chalice and then, because we read from left to right (at least here in the states), your eyes are drawn to the right where the large magnolia sits. However, the stronger brushwork and the draw of the silver chalice and bright fruit once again bring your eyes to the left. See the detail picture below.

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