Saturday, February 03, 2007

Japanese Ginger Jar with Flowers and Grapes

"The Ginger Jar"

This 9" x 12" Painting of a Ginger Jar with flowers and grapes is perhaps the 8th in a collection of new paintings done within the framework of a concept. The concept here was, of course, color. The Jar itself has very little color as it's background but has wonderful color and detail in its decoration. I placed a pink cloth to accent the peacock on the jar and then placed some flower in the jar itself. The challenge here was to keep the jar as a central player while not losing it to the background in the painting which is nearly the same color as the background of the jar. While it appears at first that there is an outline on the left hand side of the jar, this is only a branch which is part of the jar decoration. If you look closely (picture allowing), you'll see that the edge of the jar actually extends beyond this branch and is lost to the shadows beyond. This is more evident on the painting when viewing it in person.

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