Saturday, March 03, 2007

Oil Floral Painting of Silver Teapot and Red Poppies, 11" x 14"

"Poppies on Polishing Day"

This 11" x 14" painting of a Silver Teapot and Red Poppies has rich detail and great color. The Poppies are reflected both in the silver pot and the silver pitcher. The red flowers are set off nicely by the greenish umber background. Red Poppies are a favorite wildflower of mine - perhaps because they seem to outlast all the others and group in such abundance. I came to Washington from California and was delighted to find that they grow almost as profusely here as they do there in the summer.
I'll be on vacation this week and won't be posting again until after the 11th. I'll be carrying my laptop, though, so if you e-mail me, I'll get the msg. See you then.

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