Monday, March 12, 2007

Original Oil Painting of Tangerines and Copper Kettle/Tea Pot, 9" x 12"

"Tangerines and Tea"
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This is 9" x 12" painting of tangerines and a copper kettle. That said for Ebay and Google searches, The copper kettle is one I've used many times before. Each time I paint it I find another approach to rendering it. This time I tried to achieve more texture both in the kettle and the tangerines. There is a generous paint layer on this piece. The soft gray blue background works to set off the golden glow of both the fruit and the kettle while providing a little atmosphere. I enjoyed painting the table top and the way it picked up the reflections and color of both the kettle and the tangerines. There's a glass vinegar jug there too. It kind of fades into the shadows on the left while managing a reflection or two of its own. Enjoy!

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