Friday, February 13, 2009

Graphite Drawing of Skull on Vellum, 12" x 12"


As part of my homework for atelier, I was supposed to practice doing head layins. I was also supposed to practice taking my layins through various stages. I reasoned that with time being what it is for me, that practicing on a skull would kill two proverbial birds with one graphite stone. So I picked "Bob" off the shelf and here's what came of a full day's work. OK. It's not a painting, but it did take me the day so it's what goes on the blog today. Tomorrow a painting. The photo doesn't do it justice as the camera picks up every flaw and the graphite is much softer in appearance on the paper. Follow the steps below from a not very good layin to a not too bad tonal drawing. I really need to impove my layins. I working on it. Sigh. Paint is so much easier.
Oh, Bob got his name from a skull in the "Dresden Files" series. Those of you who know, know.

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