Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some changes to "Morning Dreams", Oil Painting of a Nude Reclining, 11" x 14" on Canvas Panel

"Morning Dreams"Click here to bid.

"Morning Dreams" indeed. More like morning light! I went into the studio to look at last night's painting and saw all kinds of things that needed correcting. So out came the brushes and palette. Here's the much improved piece.

The core shadows on the figure around her hips appeared at first to be too dark. I softened the core shadow line and increased and smoothed out the shadow to the left of the core. Now the rest of her needed some adjustment so I darkened and glazed into the other core shadows on her along her legs and arm. This improved things dramatically. I also extended her fingers which are bent and in shadow, but looked odd in the first painting. A little scumbling to the highlights fixed things up just fine. The finished piece is much better. Thank goodness for second chances. The photo of the improved painting has been revised in EBay as well. Phew.

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