Friday, January 12, 2007

Still Life of a Japanese Vase with Tangerines, 9" x 12"


This 9" x 12" painting of a Japanese vase with tangerines is part of a series I'm doing on concepts. The idea is to frame a concept first and then try to convey it on canvas. In this piece I was looking to portray the concept of "balance". The long stem of leaves does this by crossing the plane of the painting. Notice how the light in this painting becomes stronger as it moves from left to right until it falls upon the vase which is the object of the composition. Also the air in between the objects is quite "visible". I'm still working with a digital camera instead of a scanner and so the shadow side of the vase is a bit brighter than it in fact appears in the actual painting.
This is really a lovely piece. I considered not selling it on Ebay as I have an upcoming show at a gallery and could demand a higher price for it. However, my collectors may enjoy this and I'm kind of a fatalist. If it doesn't sell here, well it's one more for my show. Enjoy.

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