Monday, January 15, 2007

Floral of Red Rose with Peonies and Silver Tea Pot


This 9" x 12" painting of a red rose and peony sitting in a silver tea pot is the second in a series of paintngs done involving a concept. The concept here is color. The theme is romance, which coincidentally, is also the title of the painting. I wanted to portray the emotional aspects of color against a somewhat colorless background. Romance is depicted by the red rose, red being desire, which, like romance sometimes does, has lost its bloom but not its color. The diagonal composition creates tension. All romance hold a degree of tension. This is offset by the soothing tones of the pink and the softened reflections of the teapot. Much as the object of our desire reflects back to us, qualities which we ourselves posess or wish to posess - but often through a haze of emotion. The background is painted thinly while the peony has an almost sculptural quality due to its heavier paint layer.There is a lot of "air" and atmosphere in this painting.

I'm still working with a digital camer instead of my usual scanner. Hence, there are highlights which do not show up well here. I should be back to normal (depending on the graces of the computer gurus) by Thursday or Friday. So if I get things rolling again, I'll repost the picture.

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