Sunday, January 21, 2007

Still Life of Delft Coffee Pot with Plums and Flowers, 9" x 12"

"The Delft Coffee Pot"

This 9" x 12" painting is the fifth in a series of concept paintings. The concept here is contrast. The contrast is through value (dark/light) rather than color. The small dark plums against the white cloth contrast with the tall coffee pot which is also brightly lit. While there are flowers present in the composition, they play a minor if supportive role to the main members of the cast - the pot and plums. The slightly blue cast in the background provides air and depth to the composition. It's repeated in the cloth as well as on the plums giving the work a sense of color harmony.

While painting with a concept is not entrely new to me, by doing a full series involving concepts I am beginning to appreciate it's merits. If I manage to keep the concept steady in my mind, then it becomes clearer to me what needs to be done within this framework to serve the painting. Anything that does not serve the concept, is peripheral and should either be played down or eliminated entirely.

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