Friday, December 22, 2006

"The Pewter Pitcher"
E-mail Susan about this painting or to purchase for $39.00

This painting of a Pewter pitcher and silver server was my holiday escape! The tinsel and wrapping paper was starting to get to me. I was going to paint another holiday themed piece and just couldn't muster the enthusiasm. My soft, reflective, much loved "stuff" called to me - and gave me a little peace. Polishing this stuff is kind of a Zen exercise.

I haven't been able to get into the studio for a few days so this was kind of nice. The holidays have really put me behind. This sort of disruption gives me cause to think of Duane Kaiser's commitment. I stand in awe of that man. When does he ever clean his house? I'm going to be opening this blog up to comments in the next week or two. Also a note to those of you who have my old web site address as - I'm working on a new website which will be ready in a couple of weeks (holidays and power outages permitting). You will be forwarded to the new site automatically. I'll be maintaining both this blog and the new website so you will be able to bid on paintings from either location. I'll have a new domain name and will give you the particulars when that happens. The old one will still be good for several years, though, so no need to worry.

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