Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fried Egg on Delft China

"Sunday Breakfast"
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How time flies! Seems just yesterday I painted some eggs. Well in honor of tomorrow, Monday, daily painters around the globe, paint eggs. Don't ask me why. But here it is. This painting is of an egg sitting on my good Delft China. If you've been watching my work, you'll know that I have a lot of this stuff and it creeps into many of my still lifes. Lots of thick juicy paint in this picture and I especially like the feel of the cool light coming from my studio window.
Cool light is enticing to painters. The shadows are softer and the atmosphere somehow more immediate. I'm planning a larger piece with lots of delft in it. If I can chase the students out of my studio long enough to leave the set up alone for a week or two.

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