Friday, October 11, 2013

Tin Teapot with Eggs

"Tea for One" Oil on Linen Mounted on Board, 11" x 14"

My friend Anne, routed out her lovely kitchen looking for pieces that I could add to still life and I settled on this little tin teapot.  One of my students is a farmer and has been bringing me these wonderful brown eggs. Actually, of late, they are many different colors, but these just happened to be creamed coffee color and so that's what ended up in the painting. Some days, I decide which ones I'll eat by how many I have left of a certain color.

I'm happy with this piece. I find that since I left the atelier, I have internalized my teacher's voice. Drives me crazy. But it also keeps me honest with myself. I don't settle anymore. And if it's not my best effort, it doesn't leave the easel. Hope you like it too.

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