Monday, May 26, 2008

Asian Still Life of Dragon Tea Pot and fruit, 12" x 14" Oil on Canvas Panel

"The Dragon Pot"SOLD

First off - to see how this painting was created, click here.

A recent trip to Victoria, BC netted me this lovely Dragon teapot from China Town. I just love the light on this pot and the way the peaches just glow. I'm tempted to just hold on to it for my upcoming show in September but as I still have a few days until my official vacation from, I thought I'd go out with a bang. See the detailed photo below.

As summer has arrived - in most of the country, anyway - I will be painting less of my "almost daily" works due to the demands of local tourists and upcoming festivals.

I'll still be posting to EBay, but requires a "leave of absence" when painters take more than a couple of days off at a go. As I'll be needing extra time for my show and other demands, I'll be taking from May 30th to July 31st off from DP but will continue to post to this blog and EBay a couple of times a week.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my regular customers and my new ones as well for all the support they have given me this past year. Here's to wishing you all a magnificient summer and a restful vacation.



Bettye said...

You've outdone yourself on this one. Its really beautiful. Will look forward to seeing more in the Fall.

Pat Meyer said...

Your painting just glows. Design holds your attention. Thank you for sharing the information on the painting. Pat