Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Original Still Life of Copper Mug with Paint Brushes, 5" x 7", $40.00

"A few old friends"
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Sigh. I've had a wonderful summer vacation but I'm back to work now. Sort of.

I want to say a personal "thanks" to all my fans out there who have sent me e-mails and inquired as to when I would take up my brush again. I dearly needed the break from "having" to paint and the breath of fresh air allowed me to focus on larger and more important pieces. Still a few things to take care of this August, but I should be hitting the easel about three or four times a week and then pick up once winter settles in. It's important for me to say, though, that as the end date for my sabbatical drew near, I found my anxiety mounting. While I enjoy painting to an appreciative audience, I need to remain true to my muse. So things will change here a bit. I'll be posting as regularly as I can but the subject matter may change a bit and will occasionally include works in progress and subjects outside of my usual "old world" still lifes. Some will go to Ebay auction and others will be posted for sale on Etsy. Other more expensive pieces will be available through my website.

I'd like to leave my posts open for comment also so with a few changes to the settings on this blog, you will all be able to post comments and feedback. Be nice, now.

This piece was a warm up for the days ahead. They're old buddies. I love the old copper mug and I often use it as a subject as much as a work horse for holding my brushes. There's some nice thick paint on this one. Enjoy.

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