Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oil Floral of Scotch Broom in a Glass Vase, 9" x 12"

"Scotch Broom"

Most people in Washington State consider Scotch Broom to be a pesty weed. I love it. It's bright yellow blooms serve to remind us all that winter is a memory and that Spring is here! I went down the road and picked some today. I put some Eucalyptus leaves in the vase with them. They're for you.

Lots of thick paint on the blooms although it's difficult to see in the picture. Enjoy.


bluecastle12 said...

You like Scotch Broom? What's wrong with you? Seas of deadly allergy causeing yellow death that covers hills and hills of Oregon and Washington and you like it? Humph!

Susan said...

Yes, well, I suppose you're right. They do make lots of people miserable. But they're still lovely to look at. Roses were considered weeds at one time. Weeds are just flowers that grow in inconvenient places, afterall.