Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Still Life of Brass and Silver Cups

"Two Cups"
12" x 16", Oil on Panel

After a month and a half of various and sundry illness along with a back issue, I finally got into the studio, whipped out two paintings and then promptly put them aside and started another.  But I forgot to photograph them.  So I spent the better half of the other day behind the lens of a camera trying to get them recorded.

"Two Cups" is one of my signature metal pieces.  I like painting metal and despite my claims that it's really not hard, I found this one difficult to do.  I'm not sure if it was the surface of the new double lead primed linen or not.  It should be a nearly perfect surface to paint on but this piece just seemed to fight me all the way.  Despite the battle, however, I think the piece came out just fine.

I recently sold the painting "Clouds over Mendocino" to a collector and then this month sold another two landscapes.  Despite being under the weather for a month or so, I emerged to find the sun shinning.

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