Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Still Life Painting of Pitchers

"In Golden Light"

Oil on Linen Pane17" x 31"

Some days I look back to when I was just starting out in this business of being a full time artist and I recall thinking how cool it would be to do what I loved full time. I'm always amazed that I managed to do this and that my life has turned out to be so full and busy. But there are days when I have to admit - it's just a job. Today was one of those days. I had emails to dash off, paperwork to complete for certification by the school board (I'm taking on some teens in my classes who are serious about pursuing realism). I had to order frames for newly completed work. Then I had to finish the background on a newly finished piece that I wasn't happy with and then it was photograph this and type out that. Price this and post that. Just a lot of little nit picky things that have to get done and which get pushed to the side until I have a day clear enough to plow through them. Finally, I'm done and can post this. I still have some paperwork to do for the Gallery, but it can wait until I'm done here and can pour a cup of tea and settle into it. 

I finished this piece about a month ago and just finished varnishing it. It's going with me in two weeks to California to be presented to a gallery along with a bunch of others. Hopefully it will meet muster.

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