Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Master Copy of Rembrandt's "Man in Armour"

Well school is finally over. Hooray, Yay! We had our graduation on June 30th. "Man in Armour" was the master copy I chose to do for one of my final projects. I'm quite happy with the way it came out but I plan to do quite a few more. I learned a lot from this painting and it taught me how much I can learn from doing copies. 

I'll post a couple of other pieces I did during the final months of Georgetown Atelier but then I'm on to my own projects and I'll be posting those here. I plan on doing some weekly (if not daily) paintings again that I'll be posting for sale as well. Stay tuned and thanks for sticking with me through the long drought.


Ifat Glassman said...

Really good master copy. Magnificanto!

Susan Martin Spar said...

Thanks Ifat!