Saturday, February 13, 2010

Landscape Painting of Santa Ynez River and Oaks, 11" x 14", Pastel on Board

"Evening on the Santa Ynez"

This winter has been flying by. Between school and teaching, I've been busy working with a committee to create a brochure and advertisements for the upcoming Fourth Annual Sequim Arts Open Studio Tour. As a result, it finally dawned on me that I had better start squeezing some time out of the easel in preparation for this event which is only five months away. Here's a little landscape I worked on last week. I have yet to scan and make prints available, but at least the original is done.


Allen said...

I really like the image... Very well composed. And I like the colors and multilevel shapes.

Nita Phillips said...

Susan, I Googled "How to paint brass" and found your site. I am a painting student and 72 years old - love the hobby! Just wanted to tell you that your paintings are beautiful. You are so talented.
Nita Phillips

Susan Martin Spar said...

Thank you Nita...and Allen. Keep painting. You're only 10 years older than me. And talent is highly over rated. It's all hard work - as I'm sure you know.