Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oil Painting of Yellow Crueset Pitcher with Magnolias and Cut Apples, 9" x 12" on Canvas Panel

"Le Creuset"SOLD

As you can imagine, a still life painter must ave a lot of nicknacks and "stuff" hanging around the studio or house. I often get bored with the things on hand and start looking about for standins. My walking buddy returned from her southern sojourn and the little brought this beautiful little Le Creuset pitcher back for me. I absolutely love it and it has quickly become my favorite thing.

I love it's rich yellow color and the way that the bright yellow moves into an orangey yellow toward the bottom. In this painting, I wanted to make the pitcher the cetral player and not have it upstaged by the flowers. I think it pulled it off. Or maybe the pitcher did all by itself. To see how this painting was done, click here to visit

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