Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oil Floral of Red and Coral Roses, 9" x 12"

"Birthday Roses"
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September 14Th was my birthday. OK - never mind how old. The point is I was presented with these beauties upon my return from my morning walk. Actually there were a dozen of them but I didn't get to paint them until today. So what you see are the culls.

Roses are a difficult flower to master but I feel I managed to get their character here. The vase is a very old yellow "petal" vase where the top edges are turned out like petals. It belonged to my mother and I love the challenge of painting it. The paint is extremely thick in the flowers and leaves. It seemed the best way to sculpt them.

These days when I paint "ala prima" - a painting in one sitting, my objective is to use an economy of strokes, or to make each stroke a deliberate placement with little manipulation of the paint surface after I've laid it down. So with the flowers, my goal was to bring forth the character of the Roses without belaboring them. What do you think?

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